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Hi, I’m Zach. An avid traveler with an appreciation of our beautiful planet and all the incredible places it has for us to explore.

I simply love travel in any form, and most of my travels are solo. I have come to enjoy the serenity I find when I’m exploring the world by myself. I don’t create travel content as a job, I do it because I am passionate about travel and the personal benefit I receive from discovering new places and learning about cultures far different from my own.

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It’s through my strong passion for travel that I create content; from YouTube videos to posts on social media to the guides and articles on this site.

I want to be a resource and an aid to as many people as I can, so that they can discover their own passion through travel.

This includes my FREE Ports of Call Travel Guide, which I have created to help you plan your visit to some of the most popular cruise ship ports of call from all across the globe. Click here to get the FREE guide now!

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I love to travel & I love helping others travel. I decided to start putting my extensive experience and knowledge to use by offering help to fellow travelers. From videos, guides, articles, and more - I aim to help people travel smart, save money, and enjoy every step of the journey.

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