Packing List Tool: Use This to Avoid Forgetting Something!

Packing for a trip can be one of the most unpleasant parts of travel.

Sometimes this task feels like such a chore to me that I end up putting it off until the night before I leave for my trip. This is not ideal, since it puts me in a situation where I am likely to forget something. Between clothes and necessities, on top of my camera and computer gear, not to mention all of the documentation required for the trip, there are many things I must ensure I take with me. 

And I know the same is likely true with you. I often read about folks who SAY they are packing weeks to MONTHS before their trip, but how realistic is that for most of us? 

Well, fellow packing procrastinators, fear not. For the past several trips I have been using a packing list to ensure I have everything I need. I am happy to share that with you now in the form of a handy Packing List Tool. This Packing List Tool is so convenient and easy to use. You simply open it up (click this link and be sure to bookmark it for easy access later!), select the items you intend to take with you on your travels, and then click “Generate My List”. 

Your personalized list is then presented to you in a printable version. Simply click “Print This List” and you are ready to send it to your printer or print it as a PDF to save directly on your mobile device. It’s that easy! 

I hope this tool helps to save you time and make your packing experience much more efficient. These are the types of resources I intend to provide you via the content on my site, so be sure to visit often (and sign up for the mailing list) for more helpful travel resources coming soon!

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